JK Rowling Releases New Personal Web Site

JK Rowling has made a return to the internet. Yes, the author has been an active Twitter user for years, but she had let her personal web site (formerly jkr.com) fall by the wayside claiming she “didn’t feel a connection with it.” Rowling tweeted this link to her new site, which was immediately overwhelmed by visitor traffic. A little bit of patience, refreshing and constant vigilance, will give you access to a plethora of Rowling’s shared content. 

Her first post, “Welcome to my new website!”, even features a FAQ section that promises to be updated along the way. Why didn’t Newt just apparate to the US? Why wasn’t the horcrux in Harry killed by the Basilisk venom in Chamber of Secrets? Those answers, and many more, have been answered by Rowling herself. pulse nightclub, jk rowling, wizarding week in review, comic book tribute, harry potter, wizarding week in review, fantastic beasts, jk rowling website


‘Fantastic Beasts’ Chosen As Special Effects Oscar Finalist

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the 10 films still contending for a nomination for best visual effects, and ‘Fantastic Beasts’ is among them. The list is complied by the Visual Effects Branch Executive Committee. Members of the Visual Effects Branch will be allowed to screen a selection from each film, they will then cast their vote for the final five nominees. 

Oscar nominations will be announced on Jan. 24, with the awards ceremony airing on Feb. 26.harry potter, bowtruckle, niffler, jk rowling, wizarding week in review, fantastic beasts, demiguise


JK Rowling Reveals ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Characters Ilvermorney Houses

Ever since learning about the American wizarding school, Ilvermorney, fans have wondered what house their favorite ‘Fantastic Beasts’ characters would be in. Well wonder no more! JK Rowling revealed the Ilvermorney house of Tina, Queenie & Jacob with a few tweets. 

JK Rowling’s response to Tina & Queenie’s Ilvermorney house:

JK Rowling’s response to Jacob’s Ilvermorney house:


JK Rowling Makes Contribution To Comic Book Tribute 

The comic book, entitled Love is Love, is a 144 page collection of works by famous celebrities of diverse genres. The books creator, Marc Andreyko, wanted to tapped those that had “name value” to make it more desirable, thus spreading it’s message of love, tolerance and acceptance further. So it’s no surprise that JK Rowling was asked to add some magic to it’s pages.

Rowling allowed the use of a quote from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to accompany an authorized illustration by Jim Lee, co-publisher of DC Comics. The illustration depicts the Golden Trio and Dumbledore, along with the quote: “Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.”

The comic book can be pre-ordered by using this link. All proceeds go to the Orlando Pulse Nightclub victims, survivors, and their families.

pulse nightclub, jk rowling, wizarding week in review, comic book tribute, harry potter, wizarding week in review, fantastic beasts


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