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Now that we’ve had time to come down from the three day Harry Potter celebration in Orlando, it’s time to look ahead to other Potter things coming this year. If you weren’t able to make it to the Harry Potter fan celebration at the end of January, you can watch a full recap here from Syfy.

Josh Herdman Reenters the MMA Ring for New Movie

Josh Herdman, Greggory Goyle to us, is stepping back into the MMA ring in preparation for his character in the new movie, Cagefighter. Herdman is a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and made his fist MMA appearance in 2016 while preparing for a different role.

Ladies, represent your Hogwarts Alumni status while working out at the gym with these magical sports bras.

Harry Potter Comes to the Symphony

The Harry Potter films are not only magical in character development and plotlines, but the musical scores instantly transport every fan back into their robes on the Hogwarts grounds. This year, many symphonies across the world are treating Harry Potter fans to one movie from the franchise that is accompanied live by the symphony. Some of those cities include: Grand Rapids, MI; Nashville, TN, Newark, NJ. For a full list of performances near you, check out the official Harry Potter in Concert Website.

Fantastic Beasts Comes Alive on Kindle in Motion

On February 1st, the Kindle in Motion version of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was released to readers everywhere. Olivia Lomenech Gill’s original illustrations were brought to life by the Kindle in Motion Team. They used a large array of new technology including computer layers and 3D to bring these creatures to life. Check out Pottermore’s website to watch the interview with Gill and Jim Kay, the original illustrator of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, where they discuss these new versions of their art.

Work on sketches of your own in a Deathly Hallows notebook that will definitely keep the magic alive.

Chris Rankin Announced for LeakyCon 2018

This August, head to Dallas, Texas to join the Leaky Couldron team in celebrating the Harry Potter series. Chris Rankin, Percy Weasley, was just announced as the first special guest in this year’s lineup. While this isn’t Rankin’s first LeakyCon appearance, he’s excited to be coming back and have the opportunity to meet more fans. For more information on the sold-out LeakyCon, check out their website here

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