Hey, there are spoilers forthcoming about Fantastic Beasts. Spoilers. SPOILERS! So, stop here if you don’t want spoilers.


Unless you’re Patrick Star and you live under a rock, you’ve surely seen by now the biggest news coming out of the new Fantastic Beasts: the Crimes of Grindelwald trailer that dropped this morning – Nagini is a Maledictus!!!!

Um…wait…a Male-what..? Let’s try and cast a Revelio charm and learn as much as we can (or assume as much as we can) about this mysterious Maledictus.

Claudia Kim is set to enter the Potterverse on November 16th as Nagini the Maledictus. Until today, we’d only known that she was a Maledictus. The Nagini wrinkle is fascinating. But, before we get to what that might mean, let’s level-set. Using J.K. Rowling’s twitter account and Pottermore as references, let’s dispense with the facts:

  • “Mal-” in Latin means “ill” or “bad”, and “Dictus” means “spoken”.
  • A Maledictus is a carrier of a blood curse.
  • Eventually, a Maledictus will permanently transform into a malevolent beast. 
  • A Maledictus is materially different from an Animagus or a Werewolf. 
  • Maledictuses are always female. 
  • The blood curse is congenital, passed from mother to daughter. 
  • No, Nagini did not end up in the zoo that Harry visits in Philosopher’s Stone. 

So, that’s about as much fact as we have, now let’s get to the fun part, wild theorizing!

  • Until now, the pre-eminent connection point between the Potter series and Fantastic Beasts has been the inevitable battle between Grindelwald and Dumbledore. However, with the introduction of Nagini into the Fantastic Beasts series, could we perhaps have another connection point that plays out in future installments??
  • In Cursed Child, Voldemort and Bellatrix have a controversial (in the fandom, at least) love child named Delphini. Does Nagini’s new backstory mean that Voldemort might’ve had some form of affection, albeit twisted affection, for someone else besides himself?? (I can’t believe I wrote this sentence, but here we are…)
  • Is Nagini ultimately tied to Grindelwald somehow? Is her eventual permanent transition into a snake something we’ll see in the series?
  • How does Voldemort and the Nagini-horcrux tie into all of this? As he had a penchant for using items special to the Hogwarts Founders, is Nagini’s presence as a Horcrux an homage to Grindelwald?

What do you think? What’s your crazy Nagini theory? Let us know in the comments or at simplypotterblog@gmail.com and we’ll feature the craziest ideas in a future post!

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