Luna Lovegood is one of my favorite characters! With a personality as unique as her outfits, Luna is such a fun character to dress up as. Whether it’s for a comic con, Harry Potter festival, or Halloween, Luna is a solid choice for a costume. A Luna Lovegood costume can also be extremely affordable!


One of Luna’s identifying features is her long, blonde hair. You don’t need an expensive wig to do Luna Lovegood justice. I’ve used the same wig on several different occasions for a Luna costume and it’s held up very well. Best part- it’s only 11.99!



Another item that makes Luna Lovegood pop is her Spectrespecs. This is a perfect accessory for her pink jacket look and even for her student robe look! I own these and they are super sturdy and awesome to display on your bookshelf when you’re done using them for your Luna Lovegood costume.



The Quibbler is another great bit of flare for any Luna Lovegood costume! While totally not necessary, you can make your costume pop if you want to carry around a copy of the Quibbler. Stand somewhere and hold it upside down for a little extra fun!



Luna also has a special pair of radish, or dirigible plum, earrings that are a great accessory to a Luna Lovegood costume. They are just as unique as she is! 


Butterbeer Cork Necklace

Another unique piece of jewelry that Luna Lovegood wears is her butterbeer cork necklace. You can easily make your own or you can find them on Etsy.



A wand is a must for this costume, because what is a witch or wizard without their wand?! You can get her official Warner Bros wand or you could totally try to craft it yourself. Myself, I’m a fan of her original wand


Ravenclaw School Outfit

luna lovegood school outfit

This is where I highly suggest checking out your local thrift shops for clothing. I’ve found shoes, a jacket, an undershirt and a skirt for less than $20 at Goodwill.

If you’re not having luck at the thrift stores, I’d try a local low-priced clothing store to grab these items at such as Forever 21 or Primark.

If you’re not up for visiting any stores, try the following options from Amazon (my favorite online place to shop!). The price tag will be a little higher but hey, you don’t have to leave the house.

Sweater & Tie

This is a bargain of a deal- both the sweater and the tie for less than $25. It doesn’t have sleeves, but that’s really a bonus if you’re wearing this to somewhere like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or a comic con floor where it tends to get a little warm!

If you want to go the long sleeve route for a brisk Halloween night, you can totally do that too!


You can get this perfect white collared undershirt on Amazon. The collar is a little higher so it will poke out over the sweater!


This isn’t the official Noble Collection tie, but buying it this route will save you some moolah. And with it being tucked in, nobody will even know the difference!


Luna wears an adorable pleated skirt. This is a fun skirt to flow around in!


Really, your best bet here is to go somewhere like Wal-Mart and grab a cheap pair of black shoes. If you don’t already have a pair like this for daily wear, chances are you aren’t going to wear them outside of your Luna Lovegood costume and it probably isn’t worth dropping a lot of money on.

If you’re still wanting to go the Amazon route, I’d suggest this pair. You’ll want something comfortable to walk around in and these really aren’t that pricey.

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