On the website this week we have a lovely guest post! Ravenclaw Amanda Burkhalter has started on a project to shed light on the absolute ridiculousness of Hogwarts House Stereotypes. Witches and wizards are each uniquely themselves and cannot be placed into boxes. 

Amanda has been collecting fellow magical folks’ thoughts and comments on how they do not fit their house stereotypes. Below are a few of the beautiful graphics she’s made with the information she’s collected.

Starting this Thursday August 30, I’ll be bringing you Amanda’s house stereotype shattering graphics weekly over on the Facebook page. Hop over and subscribe to notifications so you don’t miss out on these!

Shattering Hogwarts House Stereotypes Pinterest Graphic


This project was designed to highlight the inaccuracies of the Hogwarts House Stereotypes.
It was inspired to show the contradictions that we are.  Each house does not fit into a neat little package.  Not all Gryffindors are gallant, not all Ravenclaws are bookish, not all Hufflepuffs are soft, not all Slytherins are overly ambitious. 





We would love to hear a piece of your story! How do you fit into your house? How do you contradict your house stereotype? Please share below!​

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