Over the past week, Hogwarts Mystery has created a ton of buzz in the Potter community. Fan reactions have ranged from pure joy to dive into Hogwarts to outright disgust over the lack of energy provided in the game.

I wanted to help you all out and share a few tips and tricks I’ve learned while playing Hogwarts Mystery that have helped me both gain and conserve energy! With having to wait 4 minutes to get 1 bit of energy, completing tasks and lessons can be frustrating. This is especially true when you don’t get to entirely complete a lesson or task because you don’t have the energy to do so.

Three easy ways to help you out with the energy crisis in Hogwarts mystery are to: explore the castle for free energy, only complete the number of stars you need for a lesson, and to keep count of how much energy is needed in between stars on tasks and lessons.

**Do note that I am only in year 2 so far, so my recommendations are from this point in the game. I will update as I keep moving forward in the game**

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Tip 1: Check around the castle for free energy

There are plenty of places to tap around the castle that will give you free energy. Below is a list of free energy locations that I am aware of:

1. East Towers- first empty portrait

Hogwarts Mystery Energy Location 1









2. West Towers- second portrait

Hogwarts Mystery Energy Location 2









3. Lower Floor West- burnt out flame on Great Hall entrance pillar & knight statue

Hogwarts Mystery Energy Location 3+4









4. Dungeons- sleeping house elf

Hogwarts Mystery Energy Location 5









5. Castle Grounds- stick on the ground

Hogwarts Mystery Energy Location 6









6. Lower Floor East- books on bench (available in year 2)

Hogwarts Mystery Energy Location 7









The locations seem to regenerate around every 4-6 hours.


Tip 2: Only complete the number of stars you need for a lesson

Overdoing lessons might have just been a me being oblivious thing but pay attention to the number of stars you need to complete a lesson. If you only need 3 stars to complete a lesson, don’t choose an 8 hour lesson and complete all 5 stars. This results in energy wasted on gaining the two extra stars, unless you want to gain bonus house points and level up your character and earn other rewards. But if your only concern is energy conservation, watch the stars you’re collecting during lessons.

Hogwarts Mystery Energy Tips and Tricks

See how only one star was needed to complete this lesson. Any additional stars you earn are “bonus” stars.

This is especially helpful if you don’t complete a lesson in the allotted time and need to only earn an extra star.


Tip 3: Keep count of how much energy is needed in between stars on tasks and lessons

Quickly clicking your screen to complete actions is the easiest way to misuse your energy on the game. I just started this tactic on Tuesday and I’ve been able to extend my energy use substantially.

When you open a task or lesson that requires clicking on actions to do stars, use the lowest amount and count how many times you must click on actions to gain one star. This is particularly helpful because if you get down to say, 2 stars short of completing your next star, you can easily save stars by picking an action that has only 2 stars or the lower of the options to get you there.

If you were to start an action that takes 5 stars to complete, you’d have wasted 3 stars. That doesn’t sound like a lot but when you consider that it takes 4 minutes to regenerate one unit of energy, you just saved yourself 12 minutes of waiting for energy to regenerate. And that’s only for one star, if you do this for every star on a 5-star lesson you’ve wasted 15 energy bits (or an hour of waiting of energy regeneration).


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  1. On location number 3 there is a second place to gain energy. If you click on the middle knight he switches his sword for the shield of the knight next to him and you get another energy. I’m in my second year too. I love your tips. Thanks again!

    • I went back and double made sure but I did get that one mentioned. I actually just found out about it a few days ago! And thank you 🙂 The story is finally getting juicy, I’m really getting into it!!

  2. You can also gain 1 energy when you tap Peeves, the poltergeist. I knew most of the free energy spots but learned a couple extra thanks to your tips! I’m also just in my second year but am excited to see where the storyline goes.