Water Bottles

While staying hydrated is a common issue year round, it is exceptionally important that we do not fall behind on our water intake once the weather warms up. A simple trick to ensuring that you drink enough throughout the day is to bring your water with you. This water bottle is not only very durable but comes in a variety of Potter designs. My two favorites are this one with the Hogwarts crest and this one with the Marauder’s Map.

The Perfect Graduation Gift

Spring marks the beginning of warmer weather. It also marks the beginning of graduation season. Whether you know someone graduating or you will be graduating, these gift sets are perfect for every witch or wizard. Each set comes with a glass candle, two tin candles, a book sleeve and a room spray. The scents vary between the different Houses and each set (and its contents) are handmaid. The sets have slightly different names – here is how to ensure you pick the right set: House Intelligence (Ravenclaw), House Bravery (Gryffindor), House Ambition (Slytherin) and House Loyalty (Hufflepuff).

Wall Clock

Daylight Savings Time is rough and it doesn’t seem to get any easier the older I get. One way I’ve been able to make it easier on myself it to treat myself to a cute clock. I may not appreciate being one hour ahead, but at least I’ll have a cute clock to ease the blow. This clock is handmade using a vinyl record and comes with a variety of different Potter designs – I love this one of the Hogwarts express. It also won’t compete with the rest of your home décor because it’s all in black and white.

Key Organizer

In my opinion, spring-cleaning is only worth it if you remain organized (and clean) in the long run. One way I like to do that is to cut down on what gets mindlessly thrown into a junk drawer. Having a designated place for your house/car/garage keys is a great way to encourage organization. This Alohomora key organizer is the perfect Potter organizational tool.

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