Molly Weasley is one magical mamma who expects the best from her family. While financially stretched too thin, Molly never lets her life become centered around material goods while ensuring that her family never goes without. Here are six truly magical kitchen items that would make even Molly Weasley curious about how to get her hands on them.

Even though there’s no need to drink your morning pumpkin juice out of something special, this Triwizard Tournament goblet sure dresses it up. It’s no secret that the Weasley Matriarch has an immense amount of pride in her family and their wizard heritage. This goblet is one way to celebrate your wizard pride on the daily.

Even the most experienced wizarding bakers could use some help now and again.  This set of chocolate frog molds is perfect for recreating the magic at home. These molds also come with lightening bolts, owls and other miscellaneous Harry Potter related molds. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

While Fred and George kept the real Marauder’s Map hidden from Molly (and everyone else), this Map-themed cutting board is something she can feel good about keeping on her counter. It’s made from recycled bamboo, which means you won’t have to learn a bunch of new spells to keep it clean. It is easy to take care of and stain resistant!

Every wizard chef has their go to utensils. We think Molly would love this particular set of five spoons. Each wooden spoon has a Harry Potter related design burned into it – no need to worry about any decal flaking off into your bowl of pumpkin soup.

While store bought dried herbs are convenient, there’s nothing quite like drying and grinding them yourself. This Harry Potter herb grinder is perfect for the expert wizarding chef in your life. We definitely envision Molly using such an item to whip up quick potions and brews to fix any ailments (or gnome bites) when the children were young.

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