I absolutely love Harry Potter games! Admittedly, I own three totes full of old and new Harry Potter games. This past week I saw a viral video that showed a person creating a Harry Potter Guess Who game and I immediately geeked out and ordered a Guess Who board to try this myself!

The Harry Potter Guess Who game took a few hours to build. Most of time I spent was on creating the printables to use for the players and cards. Let me tell you, my Ravenclaw brain went into overdrive here. I created an excel spreadsheet of possible elimination questions so that the players I used couldn’t be immediately eliminated. 

Harry Potter guess who character spreadsheet

I’ve decided to make my Harry Potter Guess Who game printables available on Etsy. Your purchase will go towards craft supplies so I can keep putting out Harry Potter craft tutorials and recipe videos for you all!

On that note, I wanted to let you all know that there will be a schedule change starting this month. Instead of putting out four crafts a month, I’m going to be putting out two. This will help allow me to make you guys more intricate and quality Harry Potter crafts. Every other Monday I’m going to start posting about other various things from the Wizarding World, like cosplay suggestions, tips for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a sightseeing guide to London, and tons of other Harry Potter goodies!

…But I digress. Shall we get started on the Harry Potter Guess Who game?!

Harry Potter Guess Who game Pinterest graphic



Harry Potter Guess Who game supplies

-guess who board (I used this one)
-2 different colors of paint
-paint sealer
-white cardstock



  1. Remove the player pieces from the board and take out the stock photos
  2. Paint the board and pieces
  3. Use paint sealer on the board and pieces
  4. Print and cut out your printable player pieces on white cardstock
  5. Pop the photos into the pieces and the pieces back into the board
  6. Cut out your player cards


Video Tutorial


Overall I really enjoyed this project! I have been considering selling these, let me know in the comments or shoot me a message on Facebook if that’s something you would be interested in! 🙂

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