(Sorry this post is coming out so late today, I have one of those severe muggle colds that can’t be cured with magic!)

Easter is right around the corner! Is it just me or did Easter seem to come really quickly this year? 

Fun fact: Easter is on April Fool’s Day this year, which also happens to be Fred and George’s birthday!

I love to add fun Potter twists to anything that I can, so I’ve put together some Harry Potter Easter basket ideas! As Easter is so close, I have made sure that everything included in the basket can be found on Amazon Prime or be made yourself.

Luna Lovegood Basket


Easter basket – local store or Amazon
Green shred- local store or Amazon
Dirigible plum sign – DIY
Butterbeer necklace – DIY or Etsy
Funko Pop – Amazon
Pgymy Puff – Amazon
Spectrespecs – Amazon
Candy – local store or Amazon


Quidditch Basket


Easter basket – local store or Amazon
Green shred- local store or Amazon
Quidditch hoops(bubble wands) – local store or Amazon
Potter candies – Amazon
Wand – DIY
Scarf & glasses – Amazon
Golden snitch – Amazon
Candy – local store or Amazon


Making your own Potter Easter baskets? Be sure to tag Simply Potter or message them to me on Instagram or Facebook! I’ll be featuring my favorites on Easter on the Facebook page 🙂

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