If you enjoy an adult butterbeer and are looking for a fun night with Potter friends, Harry Potter drinking games are a blast! My friends Chelsea, Josh, Shaun, and I played a Harry Potter drinking game recently and it was magically hilarious. Check out the video of our gameplay below and be prepared to laugh!

There are many varieties of Harry Potter drinking games- board games, drinking along to things that happen in the movies, and there’s even Quidditch beer pong. Find a game from the list below and add in a bit of Polyjuice Potion and you’re set for an amazing night with Potter friends!

What’s the best Harry Potter drinking game you’ve heard of or played? Let me know in the comments below!


Harry Potter and the Epic Drinking Game

Harry Potter movie drinking game
via imgur user rudekoikoi

Created by “Chug Along Cheung & Rudolph the Sleepy Drinker,” this Harry Potter movie drinking game is a fun complement to the Harry Potter movies. Round up some friends, grab your favorite potion, throw on your favorite Harry Potter movie, and be prepared to drink along.

On this epic sheet, you can choose to play along to a certain movie or use the general rules that apply to any of the movies. I wouldn’t do both, however, unless you want to end your night with “Harry Potter and the Poisoning of the Liver!”


Harry Potter Themed Drinking Board Game

Harry Potter Drinking Board Game
via Reddit user, Oregonja

Created by Reddit user Oregonja, this Harry Potter drinking board game is absolutely genius. Each square is so well thought out and incorporates well-known drinking game elements from other games in a unique Harry Potter fashion. For example, there’s a square for a waterfall where “Moaning Myrtle flooded the bathroom” and a square for a rule to be made where “you become head boy/girl.” Seriously, it’s genius.

This gameboard might look small, but it takes the perfect amount of time to get through. When my friends and I played it took us about an hour and 4-5 beers each to get through the board.

Quidditch Beer Pong

Quidditch Beer Pong
via Huffpost

Beer pong is a classic drinking game! Set up your beer pong game as usual and throw up a couple hoops in the middle and you’ve got yourself a Quidditch themed drinking game.

There are many varieties of Quidditch beer pong. You can set up rules for the game that are worth points and similarly to real Quidditch, have the team with the most points overall win the game. DrinkingGameZone has awesome suggestions for points.

You can make the game extensive with a ton of awesome add-ons like assigning beaters and seekers. Read about more of those here.

If you want a simple game of Quidditch beer pong, play your game per usual but shots can only be made through the hoops.  


Harry Potter Drinking Games pinterest image

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