Looking for an easy Harry Potter costume to put together? Try the golden snitch! This adorable costume only takes about 15 minutes to put together and costs less than $30!

The awesome thing about the golden snitch costume is that it leaves tons of room for creativity! You can choose to wear a dress or a body suit, you can embellish with hot glue and gold paint to create the detail of the snitch, and you can even write “I open at the close” on your golden snitch costume!

Speaking of costumes and cosplay, I’ll be at C2E2 this weekend taking lots of photos and meeting all you awesome Harry Potter peeps. Come say hi- I’ll be the girl in the giant Luna Lovegood lion head (you can’t miss me haha)!

Let’s get started!


golden snitch, golden snitch costume, harry potter costume

-gold dress or onesie (I used a wider strap version of this dress from Ragstock)
-fern leaves
-wire cutters
-gold spray paint (the color I used)
-hot glue
-double sided tape


  1. Remove two ferns branches from the bunch using the wire cutters
  2. Cut the top half of the leaves off the branch
  3. Spray paint the fern leaves gold
  4. Fill in the empty space at the bottom of your fern branches with hot glue
  5. Adhere the branches onto your straps using double sided tape

golden snitch costume, pinterest, harry potter


Video Tutorial

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