Do you have a million Hermione Funko Mystery Minis laying around? Okay… maybe not a million but you have probably collected quite a few on your conquest to find the McGonagall Mystery Mini.

So what can you do with all of your extra Funko Mystery Minis? Turn them into other characters! There are plenty of amazing female characters that you can turn yours into- Ginny, Bellatrix, Tonks, Molly. 

But if you know me well, you will already know that my favorite character in the entire series is Luna Lovegood so I decided to turn my Hermione Funko Mystery Mini into Luna!

The switch is super simple. Just be sure to have extremely small paint brushes and q-tips nearby to wipe up mistakes (yes, I went through like 10 q-tips #noshame).

Luna funko mystery mini pinterest


Hermione Funko Vinyl Figure
-paint (yellow, dark blue, silver, light blue, tan)
-Spectrespecs printout (I used a scaled down version of the printable from this site)
-colored pencils (blue and purple)
-tacky glue



  1. Paint Hermione’s hair yellow 
  2. Paint Hermione’s scarf blue and silver (or bronze if you prefer!) 
  3. Paint on Luna’s butterbeer cork necklace with light blue and tan paint
  4. Print and cut out spectrespecs
  5. Color in the eye portion with the colored pencils
  6. Adhere the spectrespecs onto Luna’s face with tacky glue


Video Tutorial

Have you turned your Hermione Funko Mystery Minis into other characters? I’d love to see them! Drop a photo in the comments or post it to the Facebook page! 

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