Happy New Year! We have some exciting things coming for you in 2017 and we’re kicking it off with a month of Fantastic Beasts crafts and recipes!

We are in love with the beasts from the movie. Behind a Bowtruckle, my favorite Fantastic beast was a Niffler! Today, I tried to cross a niffler with a cupcake. I shall call it a cupfler… or maybe a niffcake. Or maybe I’ll just call it delicious. 

Like I’ve said before, I do stuff from a box. You’re welcome to make your own from scratch if you are a Molly Weasley type!


Niffler Cupcakes
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  1. -box of chocolate cake mix & its ingredients
  2. -vanilla wafers
  3. -chocolate frosting
  4. -star decorating tip
  5. -chocolate chips
  1. Make your cake mix according to the box
  2. Let cupcakes cool completely
  3. Lay a vanilla wafer down on each cupcake
  4. Create frosting fur using a star tip
  5. Add chocolate eyes to your Niffler
  6. Dot two spots for a nose with the frosting
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