Last week we focused on MACUSA with a threat meter and a hex indicator map. Now, we’re taking a closer look at Newt’s magical case. What looks like an ordinary piece of luggage, actually holds an entire world of magical creatures. How does Newt conceal this from Muggles during inspection? With a simple flip of its lock, making its contents “Muggle Worthy”. Such an ingenious way to blend into the Muggle world! Now when you’re wearing your Muggle clothes you too can blend in, by simply wearing your Muggle Worthy Lock Pin. fantastic beasts and where to find them craft muggle worthy lock pin, fantastic beasts muggle worthy

Suppliesfantastic beasts and where to find them craft muggle worthy lock pin, fantastic beasts muggle worthy

  1. Polymer clay (I used Sculpey brand in antique gold)
  2. Pin backs
  3. Clay roller
  4. Clay cutters
  5. Clay tools 
  6. Paintbrush
  7. Hot glue gun & sticks Super glue
  8. Black paint (optional)
  9. Ruler (not pictured)


  1. Using your clay roller, roll out a your clay to your desired thickness
  2. Using your clay cutters, cut out 1 circle and 1 rounded rectangle for the lock details
  3. Cut out a keyhole shape from one of your circles
  4. Cut out a large rectangle that will be the lock base. I used a business card as my guide. I then used my lock detail pieces to determine spacing and cut my rectangle down farther to the appropriate size.  
  5. Using your clay cutters, cut out another circle, this one w/a flat edge
  6. Using your clay tools, indent the words “Muggle Worthy” on the circle with the flat edge
  7. Add your details pieces to your lock base
  8. Add 4 small circles of clay in each corner of your pin
  9. Roll out a thin piece of clay to make the lever 
  10. Bake clay according to package directions
  11. Lightly add some paint to you lock to give it a distressed/worn look 
  12. Using your super glue, attach the pin back to the back of the lock
  13. Let your pin dry overnight to continue hardening

Now pin your lock to the front of your clothes & blend in with the Muggles!

Video Tutorial


We’re dedicating this month to ‘Fantastic Beasts’, do you have a craft or recipe you’d like to see? Drop us a suggestion on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or comment below! 



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