To continue our week of Fantastic Beasts crafts, today we’re making the MACUSA Hex Indicator Map. This is a real-time magical map that tracks the casting of hexes in the United States, a perfect addition to any Auror’s office!

I had to do this craft since it’s so unique. It really draws attention to itself simply by lighting up. Plus, it’s a cheap craft to make!fantastic beasts and where to find them craft macusa hex indicator mapLet’s start! 

Suppliesfantastic beasts and where to find them craft macusa hex indicator map

  1. Foam Board
  2. Printed hex map (I used this one)
  3. Battery operated LED lights
  4. Mod Podge 
  5. Paintbrush
  6. Hot glue gun & sticks
  7. Screwdriver


  1. Using your printed hex map as a guide, cut your foam board to the correct size
  2. Paint Mod Podge onto the back of your picture or the foam board
  3. Carefully apply your picture to the foam board & smooth out any wrinkles
  4. Apply another thin layer of Mod Podge over your picture to seal/protect it
  5. Using your screwdriver punch holes into map where desired
  6. Insert LED lights in the holes you punched
  7. Hot glue your battery box onto the back of your foam board
  8. Now send some Aurors to investigate! 😎

Video Tutorial


If you loved this, then be sure to check out our other Fantastic Beasts crafts! We’ll be doing them all month! Do you have a craft or recipe you’d like to see? Shoot us a message on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or comment below. We love hearing from you!



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