It’s the last week of our Fantastic Beasts craft month and we’ve saved the best for last. We’ve created Newt Scamander’s suitcase, or as we like to call it, the Newtcase!            

Newt Scamander kept many magical things inside his Newtcase and now it’s your turn to do the same! You could add a Bowtruckle, Occamy Egg, or any old muggle artifacts that you’d like to carry around 🙂

The Newt Scamander case was honestly not that hard of a build but I do have a few pointers:

-In the video, you see me using spray adhesive. It works well to stick the first layer of vinyl into the case, but to place the next layer of vinyl on top of the vinyl that’s on the case spray adhesive won’t work. Try Loctite vinyl glue.
-If you need guidance on how to build the Muggleworthy pin, we’ve done that for you here.
-Patience is key with building the Newtcase!

Let’s get started!



-brown vinyl fabric
-glue (I recommend spray adhesive and Loctite vinyl glue)
-needle and thread (optional)
-brown paint
-brown polymer clay
-black paint
-gold polymer clay



  1. Measure and cut the fabric appropriately into 3 pieces for the bottom and 2 side edges of your trunk
  2. Adhere the 3 pieces to your trunk
  3. Cut the back edge, lid, and the lid’s sides into 1 piece
  4. Optional- stitch the bottom of the 1 piece
  5. Paint the heads of your brads brown
  6. Every couple of inches on the fabric that will be on the edges of the lid poke a hole with your scissors and bend your brads into the holes
  7. Glue the fabric onto the back and lid of the trunk
  8. Cut pieces to run along the bottom of the trunk and adhere them to the trunk
  9. Cut out 4 square pieces to fit around the sides of the trunk
  10. Using the same method in step 6, add brads to the side pieces
  11. Glue the side pieces to the trunk
  12. Cut out 4 small circles to use on the bottom four points and adhere them to the trunk
  13. Cut out 4 large circles to use on the top four points and adhere them to the trunk
  14. Using polymer clay, create the muggle worthy sign and Niffler fingers
  15. Adhere them to the case in their appropriate locations

Video Tutorial

We hoped you enjoyed our Newt Scamander suitcase and have a blast building your own! Just a reminder, we will not be posting a craft next week since we’ll be at the Celebration of Harry Potter in Orlando! Shoot us a line on Facebook if you’ll be going, we’d love to meet you! 🙂 

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