It’s great to be back after a month of vacationing! If you missed it, I went to The Lockhart bar and did a travel guide on it for you all.

Since I just got back, I decided to try out an easy craft. This one might also be exciting for all of you Game of Thrones fans as well!

This week I made a DIY dragon egg. Like I mentioned before, it’s super easy. I honestly liked this one a bit better than the occamy egg. All this craft takes is a foam egg, thumb tacks, and paint. Bonus- putting the tacks into the foam was an oddly relaxing and therapeutic task.

Let’s get started!

DIY dragon egg pinterest graphic


-foam egg (I used 5.875 inch)
-thumb tacks (I used 600)


  1. Place a thumbtack at the bottom center of your egg
  2. Begin to place the thumbtacks in a spiral motion around the entire egg
  3. Glue your last thumbtack in place (optional, mine has been doing fine without this step)
  4. Paint your egg


Video Tutorial

Drop a comment and let me know what crafts or recipes you’d like to see in the future!

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