Now that Thanksgiving is over we are rolling out a month of Harry Potter Holiday / Christmas crafts!  

To kick off the month, we are excited to roll out our Dobby the House Elf on the Shelf craft competition with you all! The prize? A Funko POP Dobby figure and a package of Harry Potter socks!



To enter, you’ll need to do to the following:

  1. Find and like us on Facebook
  2. Take a photo of either:
    1. Your crafted Dobby the House Elf on the Shelf
    2. Your regular Elf on the Shelf in a Potter situation
  3. Submit by posting your elf to the Facebook wall, private messaging it to us, or by using the hashtag #SPontheshelf

We will take our top 5 favorites and post them in a Facebook album on December 18th and the Elf on the Shelf with the most likes will be the winner!

If you want to craft an adorable Dobby the House Elf on the Shelf, let’s get started!



You’ll need:

Toilet paper roll
Red, tan, cream felt
Fabric or felt glue
Cottonball or poly-fil*

*when photographed, we thought we’d use white pom-poms or poly-fil for the top of the hat but we ended up using a cottonball!


  1. Cut and glue tan felt to the top 1/3 of the toilet paper roll
  2. Cut and glue cream felt to the bottom 2/3 of the toilet paper roll


  1. Cut red felt to fit around the brim of the head that extends around 3-4”
  2. Glue to the rim of the toilet paper roll
  3. Fold and glue into a cone shape



  1. Scrunch the top of the hat together and glue a white pom-pom to the top
  2. Cut two 1 x 3” tan rectangles for Dobby’s arms
  3. Fold each rectangle into an arm shape and seal edges with glue
  4. Glue each arm to the body
  5. Repeat steps 6-8 for the legs


  1. Cut and glue ears and nose
  2. Add the eyes to the head


We hope you enjoyed our Dobby the House Elf on the Shelf! We are so excited to be bringing you a month of Christmas crafts! 

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