Today is Luna Lovegood’s birthday so we had to channel a bit of her spirit with our craft today!

Our favorite Ravenclaw is known to be quite crafty, making a lot of her own eccentric items like her infamous Lion’s head and radish earrings. Our craft for today is another one of her infamous items, a cork necklace!

Luna Lovegood’s necklace is one of the easiest crafts to do! This is the first necklace I’ve ever made, so I’m sure there are some tricks to be learned for making it and I’d love to hear some in the comment section!

Let’s get started!


luna lovegood necklace DIY supplies

-beading wire
-lobster clamps
-light blue glass opaque beads
-eye hooks
-flower jewelry piece
-hot glue / gorilla glue



  1. Cut 2 strings of beading wire to your desired length
  2. Attach one end of each wire to one part of the lobster clamp
  3. Bead the shorter wire fully and the longer wire half way
  4. Slide your eye hook on the longer wire
  5. Finish beading the other side
  6. Thread the other side through the other lobster clamp piece
  7. Pierce a hole into your cork
  8. Put glue into the hole
  9. Line the flower piece up so that you can insert the eye hook through it into the glue
  10. Insert the eye hook and hold firmly while glue dries

DIY Luna Lovegood necklace pinterest graphic

Video Tutorial


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