Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today on Simply Potter I have a special guest crafter, Sarah Walther. I met her through her Harry Potter crafting Facebook group and she’s crafted some really awesome Potter items.

Check out Sarah’s WonderWitch Gift Set, filled with items to show your love for any witch or wizard! The ideas for each gift are so clever, and the labels are adorable to boot!

diy harry potter wonderwitch git set pinterest



Labels printed and cut out on sticker paper or cardstock 
Glue or tape (if using cardstock)
Sissors, Ribbon, Gift Bag, Gift Boxes 
Decorative Shred (for packing)
Mirror, Perfume Vials (2)
Blush, Lip liner, Eye Shadow
Lotion, Body Wash, Eye Liner
Body Spray, Bath Salts
Tiny travel bottles/vials for repackaging: (lotion, salts, body wash and spray)
Bath Salts- Cupid Crystals
Body Wash- Beguling Bubbles
Body Spray- Twilight Moonbeams
Body Lotion- Calamity Lotion
Blush- Crush Blush
Eye Shadow- Eye Serum
Lip Liner- Kissing Concoction
Perfume Vial- Heartbreak Teardrops
Perfume Vial- Flirting Fancies
Eye Liner- Everlasting Eyelashes


Video Tutorial


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