First, let me apologize for my long hiatus on the website! If you know me personally, you know I’m getting ready to venture out and visit all 59 US National Parks and I’ve been swamped with the preparation for such a long road trip.

But, I’m back now! The holiday season always gets me back in the crafting mode. I wanted to do something Luna Lovegood themed because A) she’s my spirit animal and B) I’m in Luna Lovegood crafting mode for another reason (to be revealed soon!).

Wreathes are always a fun and easy way to decorate for the holidays, so I decided to give one a Luna Lovegood twist! This took about 45 minutes to make and it was SUPER easy to do.

Luna Lovegood wreath pinterest image


luna lovegood wreath supplies

-berry garland
-wire cutters/scissors
-white clay
-green clay
-hair dryer
-ornament hooks
-quibbler print outs
-hot glue



  1. Cut garland to proper size for your wreath
  2. Add tips to the berries using white clay
  3. Add leaves to the berries using green clay
  4. Dry with hair dryer
  5. Fasten garland to your wreath using ornament hooks
  6. Insert ornament hooks into your corks
  7. Print out Quibblers
  8. Glue hooks onto Quibblers
  9. Add butterbeer corks, dirigible plums, Quibblers, and spectrespecs to wreath
  10. Keep away the nargles!


Video Tutorial


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