A whole month of Harry Potter Christmas crafts begins today!

First we are bringing you a Harry Potter Christmas card. I love holiday card exchanges and I signed myself up for one again this year. I’ve been seeing adorable snitch ornaments online and it inspired the idea for a golden snitch card.

The Christmas cards are really easy to make and I’m very excited to send them to my Harry Potter loving friends!

Let’s get started!



What you’ll need:

Fern branches
Gold spray paint
Gold paper
Gold glitter glue
Hot glue gun & sticks


  1. Cut 2 fern branches off the bunch and trim off the upper leaves on each branch
  2. Spray-paint the rest of the branch gold


  1. Trace a circle onto your gold paper with a bowl


  1. Cut out your circle
  2. Create the snitch embellishments using gold glitter glue


  1. After the glitter dries, hot glue your branches on to the snitch circle
  2. Write your message on the inside and spread some holiday cheer!


Video Tutorial

Have you crafted any other Harry Potter Christmas cards? We want to see them!

Share them with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or comment them below 🙂

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