Denver Comic Con was a such a great event! It was my first year going and I was definitely impressed with the Potter happenings at the con. On Friday James & Oliver Phelps did a panel, on Saturday there was an amazing Harry Potter group meetup/photoshoot, and on Sunday there was a second Weasley twin panel!


James & Oliver Phelps

As always, the Phelps twins put on great panels both Friday and Saturday.

If you’d like to see Sunday’s full panel, you can see it on my Facebook probably a bit better than the video below. New to live streaming on Facebook- didn’t realize the orientation would be off after posting!


Harry Potter Meetup/Photoshoot & Other Cosplay

I was so impressed by the Harry Potter cosplayers at this event! There were so many great costumes, even a couple that I had never seen before!

One of my personal favorites was a spot-on Sirius Black, complete with tattoos and covered with dark and dirty skin.

The details on this man’s costume were amazing- he even constructed his own Azkaban prison sign! Check this thing out!

Another favorite of mine was Molly and Arthur Weasley. These two were so sweet to meet and their costumes made me feel as fuzzy as the Burrow scenes from the movie.

My favorite costume that I found roaming the floor was a book accurate Hermione! Her hair was just perfect and her S.P.E.W. sign was adorable!

And I can’t end my cosplay highlights without mentioning the awesome kid who dressed as Newt coming out of his Newtcase!

Be sure to check out all of the cosplay from Denver Comic Con below. It was truly incredible!

Pop Culture Classroom

I absolutely love the Denver-based nonprofit that Denver Comic Con teams up with, Pop Culture Classroom (PCC). What they do reminds me a lot of what has come out of the Harry Potter series- teaching others diversity, allowing all the opportunity to be educated, valuing respect, and recognizing each person’s intrinsic dignity and importance among others. 

To learn more about Denver Comic Con and their role with PCC, click here.

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