Harry Potter games are a great way to bring groups together. Phone up a few Potterheads, brew up some Polyjuice Potion, and throw a Harry Potter game night for an unforgettable evening! Some of my fondest memories with my Potter friends are game nights, especially the one that is organized for the Celebration of Harry Potter.

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Check out some of these Harry Potter favorites for your next Harry Potter game night:

  1. Hogwarts Deck Building Game 


The Hogwarts Deck Building Game is a cooperative deck building game for 2-4 players. You can be Harry, Ron, Hermione, or Neville as you battle to defeat evil forces that are threatening Hogwarts by gaining resources. Throughout the game, you add other characters, spells, and magical items to your deck to gain influence. Only together can you win the game, which makes it the perfect party game! Add to the fun with the Monster Book of Monsters Expansion.

  1. Harry Potter Guess Who 

Harry Potter Guess Who is a creation of my own! I made a spreadsheet of my own to create a healthy mix of players- students and teachers, good and evil, Hogwarts houses, hair color, etc! If you’re interested in creating your own, I’ve created some printables to get started on crafting your own game.

  1. Harry Potter Clue


A new twist on an old favorite, Harry Potter Clue is a fun way to spend an evening with Potter friends. Make your way through beloved Hogwarts locations such as the Great Hall, the Room of Requirement, and the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom as you solve the mystery of a Hogwarts’ student’s disappearance!

  1. Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit 


A favorite at the Celebration of Harry Potter game night, Harry Potter Trivia Pursuit tests your knowledge of all things Harry Potter! Trivial Pursuit comes with 600 questions of varying difficulty! This game is perfect for a road trip or taking on the go because it is so compact and easy to transport.

  1. Harry Potter Wizard Chess 


Find a partner and play a Hogwarts classic- wizard chess! A favorite of Ron and Harry’s, it’s sure to make for a fun evening pretending like you’re in the Great Hall. Throw some DIY Great Hall candles on the ceiling to really increase the ambiance!

  1. Harry Potter Triwizard Maze 


The Triwizard Maze game is a twist on the classic game, Sorry!. Pop your way to the finish without being sent back by cards on the “draw” spaces. Watch out for enchanted Victor Krums and sphynxes too!

  1. Harry Potter Hedbanz 

Among this list, this game ranks very high in my favorites! Hedbanz has been around for awhile and has loads of different varieties, but Harry Potter Hedbanz can only be found at Barnes and Noble. The game comes with item, character, spell, and creature cards that you put into your headband. You uncover who is on your head by asking yes or no questions to your fellow players, and you can use potions to help you when you get stuck! It’s a hilarious game, watch below to get a taste! 😊

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  1. Harry Potter Trading Card Game by Wizards of the Coast. In the vein of Pokémon or Magic, you build a deck from starters and booster packs, play as a Witch or Wizard from one of the first two books, and duel your opponent(s) with cards that represent Spells, Creatures, Items, Adventures, Quidditch Matches, and Locations from the books. That’s right, not the movies, the books! Some of the playable characters are Hannah Abbott, Colin Creevey, Justin Finch-Fletchley, and Madam Irma Pince, so they weren’t aiming for the casual masses! Hasbro bought the company during the printing of the Chamber of Secrets sets, and then cancelled the game because they felt that JKR’s licensing fees were too steep. A bit short-sighted, no? You can’t buy them here, but you can see what the cards look like: http://www.tradecardsonline.com/im/selectCard/game_id/6/goal/
    Scroll down a bit and click on any of the set name links (promos, Quidditch Cup, et al.) to see the complete gallery.