Mind still reeling after seeing Crimes of Grindelwald? On your 3rd viewing and still trying to make sense of it all? Are you still losing sleep trying to figure out what exactly the crimes of Grindelwald were?!

Then give your mind a well deserved break and try one of these other Fantastic Beasts related activities!

1. Snag a baby Niffler to cuddle while having a Harry Potter movie night

baby Niffler plush Amazon Fantastic Beasts Crimes of Grindelwald merch

Baby nifflers were by far the cutest thing in Crimes of Grindelwald! And the best part about them is that you can totally have your own plush version to cuddle. Could you think of a more perfect companion for a Harry Potter movie night? 


2. Binge review and theory videos on YouTube

Loads of other people have watched the movie and are just as confused as you are! The Potter community has been diving deep into some of the wild plot topics and hearing their thoughts might give you a new perspective and answers on some of the craziness from Crimes of Grindelwald!


3. Comb the screenplay for extra details you might have missed in the movie

Trust me, there are many details to be combed through that you might not have caught in your first, second, or third showing of the movie! In the screenplay, the actions and thoughts of the characters are written in word form and some of the intricate detail is laid out for us to read! Things may not be how they appeared in the movie…


4. Craft some items from the Fantastic Beasts films

Working on a craft project is a great way to take your mind off of overthinking! These craft projects range in difficulty and create some pretty cool items from Fantastic Beasts that you can have in your home. I mean, who doesn’t want their own Newtcase?!


  1. Read Crimes of Grindelwald add-on books


There are plenty of other awesome Crimes of Grindelwald books that don’t *directly* involve the plot (or plots) and can keep you in the world without bogging down your brain. Archives of Magic, The Art of Crimes of Grindelwald, Makers, Mysteries, and Magic, Movie Magic, and Lights, Camera, Magic! are all great add-on books to Crimes of Grindelwald.





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