Have a Harry Potter fan in your life that you need to buy a gift for? Look no further than this list of Harry Potter gifts for the perfect Potterhead in your life!

harry potter gifts idea pinterest graphic

  1. The Harry Potter artefact box that includes the Hogwarts letter they have been waiting for their entire life!

Harry Potter gift idea - artefact box

Get the artefact box on Amazon for $37.50


2. What better way for a Potterhead to zen out than with a Harry Potter Coloring Book?

Harry Potter gift idea - coloring book

Get the coloring book an Amazon for $9.97.


3. A Chocolate Frog that won’t jump away when you try to eat it!

Harry Potter gift idea - chocolate frog

Get this yummy treat on Amazon for $21.97.


4. A delicious 6 pack of Butterbeer that’s so great it could have come from The Three Broomsticks!

Harry Potter gift idea - butterbeer

Get this 6 pack on Amazon for $28.28.


5. A heat changing mug that will make anybody feel like they are magic!

Harry Potter gift idea - heat changing mug

Get this awesome mug on Amazon for $19.99.


6. A Harry Potter cookbook full of magical recipes straight from the Great Hall

Harry Potter gift idea - cookbook

Get the cookbook on Amazon for $12.20.


7. The entire Harry Potter series on DVD, because what better way to spend a rainy weekend?

Harry Potter gift idea - dvd set

Get the DVD set on Amazon for $49.99.


8. A time turner necklace to complete any outfit!

Harry Potter gift idea - time turner necklace

Get the official Noble Collection version on Amazon for $49.


9. A marauder’s map perfect for any mischievous Hogwarts student!

Harry Potter gift idea - maraduer's map

Get the map on Amazon for $35.


10. A Hogwarts Alumni shirt to show off their true school allegiance! 

Harry Potter gift idea - hogwarts alumni shirt

Get the shirt on Amazon for $13.99.

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