Emma Watson Named Woman of the Year at 2017 ELLE Style Awards

Emma Watson looked stunning in a white Dior dress as she accepted the award for Woman of the Year at the 2017 ELLE Style Awards. But she’s more than just a pretty face. Watson urged the audience to stand up for equality, empathy and justice in her acceptance speech. 

‘This year is not a time to remain silent. This is not a year when we will allow ourselves to be silent. This is the year that women’s voices are heard,’ said Watson. 

Along with the prestigious award, Watson is also featured on the March cover of ELLE Magazine. wizarding week in review, elle magazine, 2017 style awards, emma watson, harry potter


‘Fantastic Beasts’ Wins BAFTA for Production Design

Congratulations to Stuart Craig, Anna Pinnock, and James Hambidge on their 2017 BAFTA win for Best Production Design on Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them! The film beat out some tough competition, being nominated alongside Doctor Strange, Hail Caesar!, La La Land and Nocturnal Animals. 

This is Stuart Craigs’ third BAFTA win, taking home the award for Best Production Design in 2006 for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and in 1981 for The Elephant Man

Follow along with our updated list of award nominations & outcomes for ‘Fantastic Beasts’

wizarding week in review, stuart craig, bafta, best production design


Fantastic Beasts That Didn’t Make the Cut 

Thanks to Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them we have all been introduced a new myriad of creatures from the wizarding world. However, not all the beasts that were conceptualized made it into the film. 

“We designed up to about 200 creatures,” Framestore creative director of film Christian Manz said. “Out of the book, from the script. Stuff we made up.” 

Among those creatures that didn’t make the cut was a tree-forming lizard and deceptive-looking fish. 

“We came up with this idea for a fish that looked like a beautiful fish – and then it leapt out of the water and you realize it’s a bit of a crap-looking fish, but surrounded by beautiful fish that are making it look like a big one,” Manz said.

One beast that was specifically rejected by screenwriter J.K. Rowling herself was an ice turtle. A creature that would make icebergs a part of the wizarding world, and not just a natural occurrence in the Muggle world. 

“The ice turtle – another thing of trying to explain away natural things as, maybe that is hidden under there,” Manz revealed. “But as it says here – I think that was Jo Rowling thought film 3 maybe, but it’s a bit too much for Newt. Too huge a scale for the sort of film we’re doing.”harry potter, sorting hat, jk rowling, wizarding week in review, fantastic beasts


Exclusive ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Jewelry Line from King Ice

King Ice announced an officially license line of street-inspired jewelry for the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them franchise. The MACUSA inspired line features four different pendant designs available in both white and yellow gold. You can purchase them by using this linkwizarding week in review, fantastic beasts, warner bros, macusa, jewelry



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