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Rep Your House at the Gym

That’s right folks; there is now a Harry Potter line of women’s athletic wear. From
sports bras to jogger pants and everything in between, you no longer have to rely on
just your House sweater as your source of school pride. The line of apparel by the
Australian brand BlackMilk was released on December 18 and is now available for
purchase on their website.

Why let the fun stop there? Pick up a pack of five pairs of Harry Potter socks to also
wear to the gym.

Natalia Tena to Join ‘A Celebration of Harry Potter’ in Orlando

Natalia Tena, known as Nymphadora Tonks to us wizards, was announced as the
next guest who will be participating in ‘A Celebration of Harry Potter’ at Universal
Orlando in January. The annual event is one big Harry Potter party uniting
wizarding fans from all over the world. Bring your wands to Universal Orlando
January 26-28 to get in on the festivities. Other notable guests are Bonnie Wright
(Ginny Weasley), Stanislav Yanevski (Viktor Krum) and James and Oliver Phelps
(Fred & George Weasley).

While walking around Universal, you’re bound to break a sweat from all the
walking. Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated – you can also use it to practice your
‘Aguamente’ spell.

Pottermore Releases New Stationary

Whether you’re into sending your wizard friends mail via owl or like to journal on
your own, the new stationary additions to the Pottermore shop have something for
everyone. Some of these new items are decorated with the work of artists
participating in the Pottermore Art Collection while others have beautifully lettered,
iconic quotes from the books. Our personal favorite? This Ginny Weasley quote

This stationary isn’t meant for ‘regular’ pens. Try a quill pen as you pen your next
journal entry for an authentic wizarding experience.

More Tickets Announced for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

The beloved play announced on Twitter late last week that they would be releasing
more tickets for 2018-2019 shows on February 7,2018 at 11 am EST. Earlier this fall, the first round of tickets sold out in just a few hours so now is the time to be on
alert if you want to see the show. These tickets are for performances taking place
from March 16, 2018 to March 9, 2019.

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