Red hair and a hand-me-down robe… must be a Weasley.

I absolutely love the Weasley family. Growing up, I wished I could just jump right into the Burrow and sprout red hair! Mrs. Weasley’s creations were always so cute and cozy that I tell myself to “channel my inner Mrs. Weasley” when I’m making new crafts! (Seriously, try this out at least once… you’ll be surprised how your crafting experience goes 😉 )

One of my absolute favorite things from Harry Potter is the Weasley clock found in the Burrow! I knew I was going to recreate this beauty at one point, and this week couldn’t be a better time as we’ve celebrated a bunch of our favorite red-heads birthdays recently (Julie Walters/Molly – Feb 22nd, James and Oliver Phelps/Fred and George- Feb 25th, and Ron himself- Mar 1st).

Now even though this is the Weasley clock, you could totally substitute pictures of your own family onto it. I daresay, this would make an amazing Mother’s Day present for all the Potterhead moms out here!

weasley clock pinterest graphic


Weasley clock supplies

-wooden clock surface
-cream paint
-distress ink
-brown fine writer pen
-black construction paper
-exacto knife
-family photos
-tacky glue


  1. Paint the face of your clock cream
  2. Measure the diameter of your clock face
  3. Take that measurement and divide it by the number of locations you want on your clock
  4. Cut a piece of string sized by the number you get from step up 3 and place it aside
  5. After your paint dries, distress it with distress ink
  6. Using the string from step 4, create your location areas around the edge of the clock face using a pencil
  7. Paint the inside of the location areas golden brown
  8. Measure how big to make your clock hands with the space you have remaining
  9. Set your clock aside to dry
  10. Create your clock hands with the measurements from step 8
  11. Use an exacto knife to carve out the names of the people going on your clock
  12. Cut out their pictures
  13. Paste the pictures onto black construction paper
  14. Cut the pictures leaving a black border
  15. Paste your pictures onto the corresponding name hands
  16. Write in your locations and trace your outlines using the fine writer pen
  17. After arranging the hands on the clock to get their positioning, use the brad to affix them together
  18. Use tacky glue to hold them onto the clock face

Video Tutorial

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