This was my first year heading to LeakyCon, and it’s true, everything is bigger in Texas! Thousands of Potterheads descended on Dallas for three days of panels, vendors, and cosplay. The exhibit hall full of vendors was so much larger than I’d have ever imagined, the panels had me busting a gut and feeling all the feels, and the cosplay had my jaw dropping all weekend. It was an incredible time with amazing friends- both old and new!

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The exhibition floor was so much larger than I’d imagined it being and was full of so much amazing merchandise, most of it handmade! More than 120 vendors filled the marketplace with everything from enamel pins and hand-crafted wands to beautiful art work and hilarious t-shirts, LeakyCon was full of incredible items.

Since I live and travel out of a van, I tried to put the blinders on when walking around the floor but it was so incredibly hard with so much cool stuff! Below is what I ended up buying: LeakyCon merch

I’ll give you one guess who my favorite character is 😂



My friend Chelsea and I each held 3 craft workshops throughout the weekend in the Youth Programming area. We spent time helping others decorate their own wands and create their own Monster Book of Monsters! Truly, it was a lot of fun 🙂 Thanks to all who stopped by!



Talent from both the Potter films as well as Fantastic Beasts spent the weekend signing autographs, taking photos, and discussing topics such as growing up as a child actor, portraying antagonistic characters on screen, and the future of the Wizarding World franchise and fandom.

My personal favorite talk of the weekend was from Alison Sudol. who is such a strong female role model. She spoke to understanding yourself, both as a person and a creator. Generally, she was very uplifting and inspiring. The moderators from the panel, who run the ‘Binge Mode’ podcast, asked amazing questions that really provoked Alison to give heart-felt answers that really left me feeling uplifted long after the panel was over.



The cosplayers were out in full force at LeakyCon! From Bowtruckles to Chocolate Frogs, and even one incredibly realistic Professor Snape, there were amazing costumes roaming around LeakyCon throughout the weekend. I spent the weekend first as Luna Lovegood with my homemade lion’s head, then as Professor Slughorn’ armchair, and finally as Fleur Delacour in her Beauxbaton dress. Special shoutout to Brenda/Lottie Lumos for designing some amazing costumes – Slughorn’s sofa came in the top seven in the LeakyCon cosplay contest!

Perhaps my favorite part of LeakyCon was the chance to be surrounded by our amazing Harry Potter community. One of the biggest themes throughout Harry Potter is the struggle for tolerance and equality, and the choice to love and unite instead of dividing. Our incredible community completely embodies that tolerance, equality, love and acceptance – the connections you make at events like LeakyCon are bonds that can last a lifetime, and I’m so happy that I went this year! It was incredible to see friends that I’ve met at other conventions, like the Celebration of Harry Potter, and to make entirely new LeakyCon friends this year that I can’t wait to see at next year’s LeakyCon!


Were you at LeakyCon this year? Comment and let me know what your personal highlights were!

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