Lego Harry Potter has been making a comeback the past few weeks, and I’m super stoked about it. From the Great Hall to the Hogwarts Express to the Whomping Willow, many great Lego sets have been released around the world!

Nothing excited me more about the boost in the Lego Harry Potter scene than the release of the Lego Harry Potter minifigures this past week. In my opinion, the minifigures are the best parts of the building sets so it was really exciting to find out about the release of the blind bad minifigures for Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.

The minifigure hunt is so additing- I’ve seriously been to 3 Targets on 5 occasions in the past week! It’s fun to buy a bag and be surprised at what character is inside.

Or, if you’re like me, you like to finger the packages and try to guess which character each packet holds. After a few hours of thumbing through countless packets, I feel like I’ve become sort of an expert on the matter (😂) and I wanted to share with you all my tips for finding each Lego Harry Potter minifigure!

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Luna Lovegood


The best way to feel out Luna is to try to feel out her bag as she’s the only character who has one. Other characters have square pieces, so I wouldn’t rely solely on feeling out the Quibbler. Another tell of Luna’s is that she has longer hair than other pieces. 

Sybill Trelawney


The simplest tell with Trelawney is her teacup, which is difficult to locate at first. The easiest way to feel out Trelawney is to find the curved larger piece, which serve as her legs because she does not have the “normal” Lego legs. If you feel moveable legs, you do not have Trelawney. Once you find a robe bottom piece, you can then feel for the cup. 

Harry Potter (with cape)


Harry Potter with his cape is a weird one to feel out. It’s easiest to try to feel for the short hair first. Then, you’ll want to find a package that really feels empty. You’ll only slightly feel the bendy cape inside.

Jacob Kowalski


Jacob is easiest to identify by feeling out his briefcase- it’ll feel hollow as the back has to be attached later. Once you locate the half of the briefcase, feel around for 2 very small circular pieces that serve as his pastries (otherwise, you’ve found Newt or Dobby).

Newt Scamander


Just like Jacob above, you’ll want to feel the package for a hollow case. Once you locate the case, feel around for the Niffler. It’s kind of tough to locate and it’s easiest tell are 5 points on the same side (4 feet and a snout).



Dobby can be found by also feeling out a case, but his easiest tell is his head. You’ll feel the two pieces on either side of his head that you can fit your fingers in to. 

Cedric Diggory


Cedric is arguably the easiest character to find. Just feel for the giant cup.

Ron Weasley

Ron is one of the only 4 characters to have a Hogwarts pet as an accessory piece. Feel around for his rat and verify that it’s Ron by feeling out the straight tail on the animal accessory piece.

Harry Potter (with owl)


Harry is not the only character with an owl. Feel for an owl, then feel for a short hair piece. If it’s a longer hair piece with an owl, you’ve found Cho instead.

Cho Chang


Feel for the owl accessory and then, as mentioned above, feel for longer hair. You can also verify Cho is in your package by finding a skirt around the leg piece.

Hermione Granger


Hermione is best found by searching for her cat accessory piece. Verify that it is Hermione by feeling for a curved tail on the animal and that a longer hair piece is included in the package.

Percival Graves/Grindelwald


Percival Graves/Grindelwald is the hardest to find, as it is the most rare Lego Harry Potter minifigure (1/60 chance of finding him). You’ll be able to figure out if it’s him in the packaging by feeling for two hair pieces. Be cautious, though, because Mad-Eye also has 2 hair pieces. You’ll know it’s Graves/Grindelwald because he has no accessory and Mad-Eye has a staff and potion bottle.

Queenie Goldstein


Queenie can be found by feeling for her giant pastry. When you think you locate it, verify that it’s the pastry by feeling for the ridges in the side.

Credence Barebone


The simplest way to locate Credence is to feel for his pamphlet accessory. The only other character who has one similarly sized is Dobby. If you feel an actual Lego head, not Dobby’s head, you’ll know that you have Credence. 

Tina Goldstein


Tina’s huge tell is her hat. Feel for a hair piece with a brim and you have Tina. You can also feel for her hotdog but it comes in two pieces, the bun and the meat, so it’s a little harder to locate her just based on the hotdog.

Neville Longbottom


Neville is a little tricky. You’ll need to locate the Mandrake stem to ensure that you have Neville, and it can be a challenging to find it in his bag. Alternatively you could feel for a short hairpiece that has earmuffs, but this is also quite difficult.

Filius Flitwick


Flitwick has a huge giveaway- his megaphone. It’s easy to feel and no other character has a piece quite like it so you will know it’s him.

Draco Malfoy


Draco also has a huge giveaway – his broom. Feel around for a long stick, which a few of the characters have. You’ll know it’s Draco, though, because his stick has the broom bristles at the end.

Mad-Eye Moody


Mad-Eye Moody, like Draco, also can be found by feeling for his long stick. To ensure it’s Mad-Eye, feel for the little notch in his staff. You can double check your package is Mad-Eye by feeling around for his flask.

Dean Thomas


Dean is also easier to find based on his stick. Accompanying the stick will be a separate piece for his flag, which is fairly easy to feel out too.

Albus Dumbledore


Dumbledore has a dead giveaway- his pensieve. Feel around for a small circular piece with an indentation in it and you’ve definitely found Dumbledore!

Lord Voldemort


Voldemort can be found by feeling out Nagini in the packaging. Also, if you feel hair inside a package, it will definitely not be Voldemort so you can toss it aside.


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