This mini book craft is honestly my favorite craft that I have done to date! I have always wanted to make them but they seemed a little daunting. Surprisingly, they were super simple and took about 20-30 minutes (not counting bake time) to make!

You could use any mini book covers that you want- textbooks or the actual Harry Potter book series covers. If you want to use the mini book covers that I did, click the link and you can download and resize them as appropriate for you! πŸ™‚


-book cover print outs
-white clay
-straight edge
-eye pin
-tacky glue
-mod podge


  1. Print and cut out your desired book covers
  2. Fold the spine of your book to shape it
  3. Roll and flatten your clay to fit the size of book cover
  4. Trim off any excess clay
  5. Place eye pin in the top of your clay
  6. Use the straight edge to make pages for your book
  7. Remove cover and bake clay
  8. Adhere book cover to clay using tacky glue
  9. Add a layer of mod podge to the cover for a nice, glossy finish

Video Tutorial

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