In November 1991, Harry Potter became the youngest Gryffindor Seeker in a century! On November 9th he played his first quidditch match against Gryffindor’s biggest rival, Slytherin. This fateful game against Slytherin introduced us to the game of quidditch and it’s lightening fast ball, the Golden Snitch. Since that day, catching the Golden Snitch has been a witch or wizard’s dream. All of us at some point have wished to be Harry Potter, riding his broom, trying like mad to grab that small golden ball out of the air.





















To celebrate Harry’s first quidditch match (despite Slytherin losing; next time Snakes!), I’ve put together a DIY craft so you can catch your own Golden Snitch without having to master riding a broom.

You’ll Need:

  • Small drill
  • 1/16 drill bit
  • Pair of jewelry pliers
  • Pair of needle nose pliers
  • Golden bead (I used a 4mm bead)
  • 2-Silver wing beads
  • 2-Chain lengths with jump rings
  • Small piece of wire (I used 24 gauge)
  • Bracelet closure/toggle







  • Drill a small hole in the ends of two of your wing beads using your drill and drill bit







  • Using your pliers, round the end of a piece of wire making a hook
  • Slip the wing bead through the hook you’ve just made and tighten the wire to close the opening
  • Cut the wire to desired length
  • Thread wire through golden bead
  • Repeat steps 1 & 2 with your other wing bead






  • Using your pliers, open the jump ring on one of your chain lengths (use your second set of pliers to help open and close the jump rings)
  • Attach the wing bead with the jump ring through the hole you drilled. Repeat for the other side.

Golden Snitch Bracelet





  • Using your pliers, open the jump ring on one of your chain lengths
  • Attach your bracelet closure (I chose a toggle closure)






Congratulations you’ve just caught the Golden Snitch

Have you made any of Harry Potter jewelry? If so, we’d love to see it! Tag us in your pics or comment below. 


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