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Even the most creative wizards can get into a rut when trying to give a unique gift to their wizarding friends. This can be particularly difficult when they may not share the same House – what sort of gift would they really enjoy? Today, I’m sharing 12 gift ideas tailored to each House so you don’t have to rely on guesswork.


Gryffindors are known for their unrelenting courage and nerve, especially in times of stress and high pressure.

 Photo Album

Gryffindors are very courageous but that courage is a result of motivation. A photo album would provide Gryffindors a space in which they can display their most cherished photos of the people they hold closest. Just like Harry, Gryffindors draw motivation from their loved ones especially when they are feeling anything but courageous.


Inspirational Quote Art

Feeling any strong emotion for too long is exhausting, courage included. This set of four inspirational Potter quotes is just the thing to keep sparking moments of action. Daily reminders of positivity are helpful for everyone to see – Gryffindors tend to lean on these reminders are motivations to persevere.


Time Turner

A very cool yet controversial tool, Time Turners are the vehicles for the bad to be rectified, but not without risk. Having the courage to take those risks is what makes Gryffindors unique. This gift would serve as a reminder to all Gryffindors that good deeds are not without risk. Even though some risk is consistently present, it is not without reward.



Hufflepuffs are the empaths of the school. Drawing on empathy, compassion and loyalty, Hufflepuffs are by far the most emotionally intelligent bunch of the school.


Not just for ‘Dear Diary’ moments, a journal makes the great gift for Hufflepuffs for those moments when they just need to get the words out of their minds. Whether it is for writing down inspirational quotes or jotting down something a teacher said that struck a chord – a journal will serve a Hufflepuff well.



Being emotionally intelligent and aware is exhausting. One of the most common ways to unwind is by lighting a candle and for good reason. Scents transport us to a different place, a different time, to a memory and can completely remove us from our current context or state of mind. These candles come in a variety of Potter-themed scents and each description sounds most delightful than the last.



The art of card writing may be lost on some, but not Hufflepuffs. The art of a thoughtful, hand written note is treasured because it is another way of showing someone that you care. These beautifully and simply designed cards are a wonderful way for Hufflepuffs to drop in the mailboxes of their loved ones.



Known for their wit and intellect, Ravenclaws are always on the hunt for more information to learn.


More than just fiction bookworms, Ravenclaws seek books as a source of knowledge. Treat the Ravenclaw in your life to this set of two House bookmarks. As a Ravenclaw myself, I like having two bookmarks – one to keep my place and the other to keep the place of a passage or quote that resonated with me.


Headphone Decals

When everyone around you is chatting or gallivanting about, it can be hard to concentrate. Slipping on a pair of headphones is one way to knock out the distractions. Since this scenario plays out more times than you might think, headphones can start to show their wear and tear. These House headphone decals are a really unique way to not only protect your headphones, but also to keep you in the zone.


Pocket Notebook

Like Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws never know when inspiration or a thought may strike. This pocket notebook is the perfect companion for one’s purse or literal pocket. The Ravenclaw in your life will be sure to thank you because otherwise those thoughts can get lost in one’s phone or on the back of a receipt they accidentally threw away (yes, speaking from experience).



Prideful and ambitious, Slytherins know what they want and will do whatever it takes to get or achieve it.

Wax Seal

Playing more into Slytherins’ pride, this wax seal is probably the coolest way to put your signature on something. Whether for special occasions or a birthday card to Grandma, Slytherins will be sure to make good use of this seal to show everyone they know just how proud they are to belong to Slytherin.


Bracelet Set

The simplest way to make sure you remember something is to be looking at it as much as possible. To remind Slytherins of the take-no-prisoners mentality of their House’s founder, this bracelet set is an attractive accessory for every outfit. Quite noticeable as a set, these bracelets will also feed into the pride of Slytherins as they answer questions from others about their special accessory.


Snake Ring

Another accessory that is anything but subtle, this ring is stunning and will have the Slytherin in your life beaming with pride. A beautiful reminder of their House’s symbol, Slytherins sporting this ring will be equipped to handle any obstacle that steps into their path.

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