‘Fantastic Beasts’ is just a DAY away!* THIS IS NOT A DRILL! In conjunction with the movie release, I put together a short tutorial on how to make your own Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them secret box to keep all your fantastic beasts in. 

fantastic beasts, diy, crafts, secret box

You’ll Need:

  • Plain wooden secret box (I used this one from Michael’s)
  • 1 small paint brush
  • Modge Podge
  • Fantastic Beasts textbook graphic (sized appropriately)

Here are the graphics I used:

Front of Book

Back of Book

Book Spine

  • Paint (optional)
  • Small artists brush (optional)

fantastic beasts, diy, craft, secret box










  • Cut out your graphics

fantastic beasts, diy, crafts, secret box









  • Using your small paint brush, apply Modge Podge to both your wooden secret box & the back of the graphic you’ll be applying to it

fantastic beasts, diy, crafts, secret boc







  • Apply your graphic carefully to your wooden box

fantastic beasts, diy, crafts, secret box







  • Smooth your graphic from the middle out to the edges. This will help remove any excess Modge Podge and get rid of bubbles
  • Repeat the last 3 steps for each side of your wooden box 
  • Allow the Modge Podge to dry completely
  • Once dried, apply a small layer of Modge Podge over your graphic to protect it

fantastic beasts, diy, crafts, secret box







  • Repeat this step for each side of your wooden box
  • Allow the Modge Podge to dry completely

I was initially going to use some green paint that I already had on hand and an artist brush to paint the inside edges of my box to give it a more finished look. I ended up liking how it turned out without doing this, so I skipped this step. 

Fill your secret box with fantastic beasts or any other wizard supplies you need to disguise and you’re ready to be your own version of Newt Scamander! 

We’re so excited to see Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them! Will you be going to see it opening weekend? If so, tag us! We’d love to experience it with you!



*Official release date is Friday, November 18th, but many theaters are showing the movie on the 17th. 

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      • Cory,
        I updated the post to include the images I used. ‘Fantastic Beasts’ can be found in red & green, but being a Slytherin, I prefer the green. 🙂 The image I found had a lot of “real world” information on the back (Scholastic logo & a few other things) that I Photoshopped out. The spine I created myself so it might not be 100% accurate. Enjoy & be sure to tag us if you make your own!