Winter is here & it’s time to get cozy! Why not curl up with your own DIY tie blanket this winter? These tie blankets are easy to make and with Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them fleece fabric, they’re downright magical!

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Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2-3 yards of fleece for front (best to use patterned fabric for this)
  • 2-3 yards of fleece for back (best to use plain fabric for this, pick something that accents/matches a color from the patterned fleece you chose for the front)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

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The amount of fleece you need is really dependent on your preference. I prefer a longer blanket so I went with 2.5 yards of fleece, but 2 yards for an adult would be plenty. 


  • Lay your bottom fleece out completely flat
  • Lay your top fleece over your bottom fleece
    • Take a moment to make sure both fabrics are completely flat & even with each other on all sides

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  • Using a ruler, measure & cut out a square in one corner of your fleece
    • The size of your square will determine the length of your ties. I like 4 inch ties so I cut out a 4×4 inch square. If you prefer 3 inch ties you’d cut a 3×3 inch square. Again, the length of your ties would be personal preference. 
  • Repeat this step on all corners

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Pro Tip: Use good, sharp scissors and pull the fleece tight for easier cutting

  • Using your ruler, measure and cut 1 inch thick strips along all sides (these are your ties)

Repeat the last step on all remaining corners







Pro Tip: It’s easy to get in the groove of cutting the strips, I recommend stopping every 4th or 5th strip to double-check with your ruler you’re cutting them the right length and width.  

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Here’s what your strips should look like:

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  • Starting anywhere, grab two ties and double-knot them together

Pro Tip: Be sure not to tug too tight when you tie. It causes the blanket to round at the corners and you’ll end up with an oval blanket instead of a square one. 😉

diy, blanket, fantastic beasts, crafts







Once you’ve tied all your strips you’re done! Now all you need is a hot mug of butterbeer and a spare 19 plus hours for a ‘Harry Potter’ movie marathon. ðŸ‘ Have you made your own ‘Harry Potter’/’Fantastic Beasts’ blanket? Tag us in your pics!




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