Lately I’ve been seeing videos on how to make your own book clutch and book purse floating around Facebook and the Ravenclaw in me got so giddy about it that I had to try to make my own with a little Harry Potter twist!

A few weeks ago I did a mini book tutorial with textbooks and I wanted to be my own Hermione and use a textbook cover for my book clutch. I was such a book nerd growing up; I always got excited at the thought of having my own Harry Potter textbooks to thumb through! If you want to use a textbook for your book purse, I have a sheet of them you can download in my mini book tutorial. Just choose which one you like and size it appropriately!

The Ravenclaw and book nerd in me has to give you a suggestion- PLEASE use old books that are a little beat out of shape for your book clutch! I picked mine up at a Goodwill for $1. 

book clutch pinterest graphic


book clutch supplies

-thrifted book
-wax paper
-mod podge
-xacto knife
-strong glue (I used Loctite fabric glue)
-printed textbook sheet


  1. Place wax paper in on the inside of both covers and halfway through the pages of the book
  2. Bind the sheets between the wax paper together using mod podge
  3. Place weight on top of the book and allow to dry 3-4 hours
  4. Hollow out the pages of the book
  5. Glue the halves to the covers of the book
  6. Allow to dry 3-4 hours
  7. Adhere the page halves to their respective cover
  8. Open the book to the desired width for your clutch
  9. Trace the opening size on fabric and add the width of your paper to the edges
  10. Cut out 4 sizes of that fabric
  11. Glue together two pieces of each to create two edges for your clutch
  12. Measure the square areas on the inside of the book
  13. Cut out the measurement on your fabric
  14. Glue the squares and edges to the inside of your clutch
  15. Mod podge on the book cover photo of your choosing
  16. Add on the snap clasp with strong or hot glue


Video Tutorial

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  1. I love everything that you make! Where do I down load the book cover? It would help those of us
    that aren’t that computer literate to offer a link. Thanks and keep coming up with great ideas!

    • Thanks Louise! I linked to the mini book tutorial I did in the post so you can grab your own and size it for your book that you end up using.

      I just uploaded the one I used so you can download it here. You might have to tweak it a little to fit the size of your book cover but I hope that helps! 🙂